About Our Cable Ties

Cable ties, zip ties, hose ties, zap straps or tie wraps – no matter what you call them, they are a useful and cheap tool with a myriad of uses.

There are cable ties for every conceivable application – from mining to agriculture, electrical to commercial uses – the cable tie has become a necessary part of a diverse range of industries.

Our nylon cable ties are one of our most popular products and really are in a league of their own. They are made of high quality, European standard polyamide nylon 6.6, devoid of any metal parts making them both strong and stable in harsh environments, and have a flammability rating of UL 94 Class V2. They are tough, rigid, and highly stable, and able to withstand even the severest of conditions. Our closures are manufactured with no metal parts so they are completely safe for electrical use.

Our range of polyamide cable ties includes a variety of sizes and strengths, in a choice of natural or black. The smallest (98 x 2.5 mm) comes with a minimum tensile strength of 8.16 kg; and the largest (720 x 12.6 mm) can support up to 110 kg. Smooth edges mean you don’t have to worry about damage to your valuable equipment, and the secure fastening mechanism means you can bundle your wires quickly with no risk of slipping. Our range of black cable ties are recommended for outdoor use as they contain 1% carbon black.

Our metal detectable cable ties are great for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food manufacturing industries where compliance with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points principles (HACCP) is required. An iron oxide additive is added to the polyamide material, enabling the cable ties to be detected by the metal detectors or X-ray inspection systems. The blue colour also facilitates easy visual inspection and detection.

One of the benefits of using cable ties for more traditional purposes is that there are a variety of marking options available to assist with identifying your pipes, wires or cables for future reference. Save time and keep your workplace safe by checking out our range of cable tie compatible sleeves, or contact us for a quote to utilise our custom marking service. As well as marking options, we provide adhesive bases in two sizes and both black and natural colours. These handy accessories can be used as a convenient way of keeping your cables neat and eliminating hazards, and come with a convenient self-adhesive base.

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